Biography of an Interior Designer

I remember my childhood when, I used to think how people can fit into shady crumbs like that? I used to look at those structures hanging from buildings that dominated the central Kolkata! Golden were those days, I must say! Not because I was a child but because the ideas that peeped my minds have now been turned into reality. I am a proud interior designer who loves working on revamping existing and old stuffs turn new. It has been almost 3 years; I have been into this field and must admit that I have loved every bit of my profession.

Ethnicity is all in you. It is something that is possessed. There are certain things that God gifts us with birth and certain things that need to be developed. Sheer taste and urge for excellence falls into the second category. I still remember, my first day in profession, where I was asked to design a wall that reflects blended cross cultural emblem. Utter confused, I set for work, not knowing whether my creativity would match the requisite. Yes, I took long 5 hours to design it but at the end, it came out beautifully. I still hold the design close to my heart. It was just the start and since then, I have never looked back.

Back in 2012, I read an article where people wanted to know about how they can revamp their interiors. Amazed and taken back, I wondered do really people rely so much on interior designers for giving a relook to their homes and offices? The idea to start my individual business (an interior designing company in Kolkata) emerged from that initiative. There have been many bumps and jumps, but I held myself steady and worked on to learn with the forthcoming endeavors.

This blog is dedicated to those entire people, who owe a bow from me. I would not have been a successful businessman without their faith and idea. I want to thank the man who asked a simple question on a magazine. His query gave me the courage to believe that I can strive in this industry. Thank you all!

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