Autobiography of an Interior Designing Company

Like every kid, my childhood has been so special! I remember my father working hard to raise me up and provide me with trendy decorations so that I look good and in long run become successful in catering a positive impression upon millions. Seven years passed in a brisk and I behold every moment and instances of my life. Hello! My name is Kre8iveinterior and I am seven years old!

I am just like you all, who have caring parents, a good and humble family and true friends! I consider myself fortunate who grew up amidst people who are creative and have a keen sense of artistic productivity. I wondered since my childhood, how efficiently, my father created and designed plethora of interiors? He is a man of paradoxical creativity and sheer talent. Whatever I am today- my look, my presence, and my design- all the credit goes to him.

In my life, I have made manifold friends and I owe them a lot. It was once when I was still a kid and pondered to help my dad get a job- I met him over internet. It was he who found me and contacted my dad. My happiness seemed no bond and I hold the moment too close to my heart. I still remember, when he said that my look is a real class and my dad’s eyes sprinkled with joy and pride. Ah! I have made him proud! At last, his bet on me to prosper paid well. I was over the moon then!

As an interior designing company in Kolkata, I am an established name now. But, whatever I have been today, it’s the effort of my father that paid. With deep regard and humble heart, I thank him for all the hard work he did for making me an established name in market.

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