Ongoing Project
  • False ceiling with Lights
  • Tv Cabinate
  • False ceiling with wooden panneling
  • False ceiling on Fan area
  • Tv units and Door
  • False ceiling
  • Niches front view
  • Niches side view
  • Tv units Self for light
  • False ceiling
  • Cornor view of False ceiling
  • Door
  • Tv Cabinate drawer
  • Deewan with inside laminate
  • Deewan cornor view


A kid's room is always found to be colourful, trendy and full of toys, study materials, books and other kid's stuffs but at their room can also get very messy and unorganised at times. And teaching kids to organise their room and put their stuffs at the right place is not an easy job. Kids are always fascinated by colourfull and delicate objects and so by intalling shleves that are very trendy and clourfull will pursuade the kids into using their shelves more often. We design the interior of your kids by installing shelves having bright colours and interesting designs that will give a very pleasant look and feel to the kid's room; also making the room very vibrabnt and cheerfull.

Take a glance at some of the interior designing inspirations for Shelves.
Shelves Interior Design
Shelves Interior Design
Floating shelves interior design
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