7 kitchen designs to best utilize your space


A kitchen reflects your style and personality as it is easy to determine how organized you are. Just take a look at their kitchen and you will know. There is only one common grievance at home and that would be that there is not enough space in your home. Innovations in kitchen design have made it easier as we have a number of kit hen hardware options that will not only help us get organized, but also save space. In case you are designing a new modular kitchen Kolkata, or want to renovate your old kitchen, here are


Pull out the cabinets – This helps organize and declutter every inch of cabinet space. This way one can use 100% of cabinet space without even kneeling and stooping, with heavier items from cabinets with less effort. Placing them below kitchen counters can make it more accessible and provide more space in the kitchen.

Corner sink/washing casket – The kite hen corners are one of the toughest spaces to utilize, whether be it in the cabinets or on the top counter. Corner kitchen sinks are more expensive and a straight one and is a good way to use the corner spaces. Corner sinks looks awesome and are manufactured in India by giant brands that can easily be built or manufactured in India. Corner sinks are unique and helps you appeal to your kitchen.

Magical Corners – They also make a significant impact on how these corners are used. These are some circular shelves right around the rod, and things kept in the far end that may come in front. There are L-shaped variations as well, whether the front part is pulled out and the side shelf appears instantly.

Dish Drying Cabinet – Life will be much easier, when your sink makes and dish drying easier as all the water falls directly into the sink. The rack is concealed with some kind of wooden front cover cabinet, like the rest of the shelves within the kitchen. This helps it to blend along with kitchen designs. Thus you can also dry up your kitchen’s cluttered space and make it easier to clean as well.

Piped Glass – If you live in an area where gas pipeline are available, then you may get a connection as that saves on space and is also safer to use. If you do not have that option, then you could create a rack out of the house and place cylinders to connect it to your burner through your pipe.

Drawer Systems and Organizers – Modern kitchen drawers helps transform clutter into organized bunch. Cutlery, spoons, snacks and other item are easily fitted into the drawer or the organizer. There are many attachments that will help you organize pots and pans.

Wine Glass Holders – Try and keep your wine glass holder sorted and protected by using a hanging wine rack. The rack is quite easy to install that is either placed in the ceiling of cabinet or save shelf spaces that would otherwise be taken. They are quite easy to clean as well. These are some of the well known list that helps you organize your kitchen better.