Cook in Style.. Go Modular


With the changing world, our lifestyles has also changed remarkably. We seek for the latest designs and trends in almost all facets of our living style. Even a tiny little kitchen is desired to be in style. Gone are the days when kitchens were meant only for cooking. Now, the word ‘kitchen’ portrays a broader picture. The old traditional kitchen is no longer in demand. It’s time to go modular!

Modular kitchen, as the name suggests, are stylish designer kitchens built with small sections to effectively utilise your cooking space. It consists of a modern layout decorated with modern kitchen furniture like wooden cabinets, cupboards, drawers, internal accessories, sink, built-in oven, chimney, the hob, dishwasher and other electronic appliances like refrigerator. While designing a modular kitchen, many factors are considered to provide hassle-free activity such as usage of the available space, ease of movement, comfort to cook, cleanliness of the area and even the stature of the person/s working in the kitchen. Ideally, a modular kitchen gives an elegant look and feel to the decor of your house.

A beautiful and well-defined kitchen gives a new meaning to our standard of living. Modular Kitchen serves the purpose with its fully functional and convenient features. This is the reason for the growing popularity of modular kitchen in different families nationwide. Even in Kolkata, households are inculcating this concept to give their homes a perfect decor. Kolkata, the city of joy, is known for its delicious sweets and recipes. The people in Kolkata are very much conscious about their living style, relishing meals and their culture. They have already taken the initiative of transforming their traditional kitchens into the modern, stylish and trendy modular kitchens. Modular Kitchens in Kolkata are designed to bring the perfect touch of beauty with perfection. Not only cooking is made interesting but also the minds are refreshed with the enrichment the designs enhance.

At Interior Designing Company, we are known for our ultra modern high end designs of modular kitchens in Kolkata. We spice up your cooking experience with enjoyable kitchen interiors relevant to your taste. We specialize in different categories of kitchen designing which comes with the following features:

  1. You get to choose from varieties of finishes, designs, colors and patterns.
  2. You can get your interiors done as per your kitchen size and requirement.
  3. No need to worry about cost. Your kitchen can be personalised absolutely within your budget.
  4. You get more storage area in your kitchen which makes it more convenient to work comfortably.
  5. You save much of your kitchen space by storing the utensils and other essentials in different cabinets.
  6. You get the ultimate designs and aesthetic look for the heart of your house.

Interior Designing Company is one of the leading supplier of modular kitchens in Kolkata. We give you the perfect clean look which looks effortlessly spacious and trendy in style. We offer the best kitchen interiors at the best affordable prices to meet your expectations.


Interior Designing Companies in India Serve to Meet your Desire

The interior designing companies in Kolkata are the most popular in India laying its expertise in every domain of concerned forte. The companies were established with a motive to serve the designing quest of the people. From its advent the companies were able to make its mark felt amidst the highly competitive open market. The firms operating have now become a close associate of thousands of creative people spread across the country.


The interior designing companies in Kolkata are guided by strong ethical standards. It is the customer satisfaction that matters them the most. They are pledged in providing versatile interior designing services at reasonable cost. It is the companies’ guarantee on quality that has made the profession soar high the charts in both trust and efficiency.

Services Offered:

The companies operating have the best known creative designers whose creative uniqueness adds the required variety in feathering your dream house.

The services include:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Corporate Room
  • Kids Room
  • Conference Room
  • Study Room
  • Dining Room
  • Showroom
  • TV Cabinet
  • Office Accessories
  • Sofas
  • Cupboards
  • Side Tables
  • Computer Furniture
  • Study Centers
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Dining Tables
  • False Celling
  • Dining Chairs
  • Food Court
  • Discotheque