Cook in Style.. Go Modular


With the changing world, our lifestyles has also changed remarkably. We seek for the latest designs and trends in almost all facets of our living style. Even a tiny little kitchen is desired to be in style. Gone are the days when kitchens were meant only for cooking. Now, the word ‘kitchen’ portrays a broader picture. The old traditional kitchen is no longer in demand. It’s time to go modular!

Modular kitchen, as the name suggests, are stylish designer kitchens built with small sections to effectively utilise your cooking space. It consists of a modern layout decorated with modern kitchen furniture like wooden cabinets, cupboards, drawers, internal accessories, sink, built-in oven, chimney, the hob, dishwasher and other electronic appliances like refrigerator. While designing a modular kitchen, many factors are considered to provide hassle-free activity such as usage of the available space, ease of movement, comfort to cook, cleanliness of the area and even the stature of the person/s working in the kitchen. Ideally, a modular kitchen gives an elegant look and feel to the decor of your house.

A beautiful and well-defined kitchen gives a new meaning to our standard of living. Modular Kitchen serves the purpose with its fully functional and convenient features. This is the reason for the growing popularity of modular kitchen in different families nationwide. Even in Kolkata, households are inculcating this concept to give their homes a perfect decor. Kolkata, the city of joy, is known for its delicious sweets and recipes. The people in Kolkata are very much conscious about their living style, relishing meals and their culture. They have already taken the initiative of transforming their traditional kitchens into the modern, stylish and trendy modular kitchens. Modular Kitchens in Kolkata are designed to bring the perfect touch of beauty with perfection. Not only cooking is made interesting but also the minds are refreshed with the enrichment the designs enhance.

At Interior Designing Company, we are known for our ultra modern high end designs of modular kitchens in Kolkata. We spice up your cooking experience with enjoyable kitchen interiors relevant to your taste. We specialize in different categories of kitchen designing which comes with the following features:

  1. You get to choose from varieties of finishes, designs, colors and patterns.
  2. You can get your interiors done as per your kitchen size and requirement.
  3. No need to worry about cost. Your kitchen can be personalised absolutely within your budget.
  4. You get more storage area in your kitchen which makes it more convenient to work comfortably.
  5. You save much of your kitchen space by storing the utensils and other essentials in different cabinets.
  6. You get the ultimate designs and aesthetic look for the heart of your house.

Interior Designing Company is one of the leading supplier of modular kitchens in Kolkata. We give you the perfect clean look which looks effortlessly spacious and trendy in style. We offer the best kitchen interiors at the best affordable prices to meet your expectations.


How to decorate your home in traditional Bengali way

Bengalis are customarily known to be intellectual class of individuals. The vast majority of this community are known to be exceedingly masterful and exceptionally refined. With regards to inside planning it has by and large been seen that however the vast majority of them are extraordinary significant others of magnificence, they like to keep their homes and insides basic. In this blog we are going to discuss some basic things that can enhance the beauty of your home Design.

Some typical characteristics of a traditional Bengali household are as follows:

  • Wooden furniture


It has been seen that for the most part most Bengalis are enamoured with fine wooden furniture. It gives the house an illustrious look. Be that as it may, they additionally cover a lot of space in the meantime. Be it tables or features and beds, individuals in Kolkata have an adoration for wooden furniture. For office inside plan as well, for furniture wood is most ideal material in Bengal.

  • Antiques


Another commonplace normal for Bengali homes is old fashioned masterpieces. On the off chance that you go into any old, conventional and privileged person Bengali home it is doubtlessly that you would get the opportunity to see a lot of them. The upside of this is they not just add more start to a generally dull feature additionally makes your home look all the more brilliant and outwardly engaging. These antique pieces can give a rich look to your advanced home as well.

  • Big sofas

In some Bengali homes you would not see the normal couches. They now and again utilize long drawn seats with favour pads on tops and they allude to these as their couches. This is utilized by them amid nights at lunch times and is extremely agreeable as well.

  • Bengali style artworks

As of now said in the presentation, Bengalis are extremely aesthetic, particularly the individuals who takes after customary Bengali culture. They regularly love to brighten their dividers with conventional Kalighat depictions. These are exceptionally bright and some of these even pass on a story appended with it. For home inside planning, this artwork can give your dividers a customary look.

  • Bengali style closets

A quintessential Bengali style closet is the most wonderful to take a gander at. They are undoubtedly to a great degree aesthetic. Made of brilliant wood, they as a rule come in a few plans and hues. It has additionally been seen that the greater part of the Bengalis jump at the chance to keep their closets dark or dim darker in shading. For wooden furniture in refined houses, dark shading is best for home inside design.

Traditional home decor depends on symmetrical arrangements, rich colour schemes and classical furniture pieces. Hopefully this blog will be helpful in decorating your home the way you like. For more information visit a good home interior in Howrah or elsewhere to design your home.

Try Experimenting with Shades for Different Rooms

Shades speak different stories and have an eclectic response to what we presume! For those who are not very aware of the modern art must never take wrong turns and go in for mixing your walls with abstract art. Abstract art is the most difficult form and it really needs creative sense to do it in order. Instead, you may choose to go for fine colour mixing. Things would be best if you choose to experiment with Teflon protectors. Remember, to consider shades that match your taste and preference. For example, if you are planning to give a new dimension to your bedroom it is always better to consider pink with white as this would essence your room with the ambiance of romanticism.

However some other best combined colours for bedroom are blue and white and light green with ivory. Similarly, for drawing rooms, I would advise you to go with cream yellow. This would reflect positive energy of Nature back to you and your living area. Kitchens should always be in light yellow or cyan. Never consider using a dark colour like black or maroon to colour your kitchen. A perfect colour combination can work wonders for you as it reflects in your mental state and daily lives. I would always go with white, if I am asked about choosing the colour for my kid’s study room. White reflects peace and helps you to concentrate.