Old Wine, New Bottle

Festive season mixes new magic into the atmosphere. As you spend hours choosing the right dress for you to look your best on all special occasion, did you gaze at your home? Does it need a new look? How about styling your house to match your showstopper style? How about crafting a design which can keep your guests talking about it for a long time?

Well, once you zero in that you need to renovate your house or maybe change the look and theme of it, you might be so confused planning what to add or replace. Let your task get easier by calling an expert. Dial an interior designer and consult him to help you to pour old wine into new bottle.

Introduce splashes of color to the walls of your home and experiment with various patterns and abstract design. Colors reflect a lot about personality of the owner of the house, like tangy shades of orange lets your guests see the fun side of you.

The interior designer focuses on to who is going to use the room and design it to meet their demands, like the newly wed’s room and the room for new baby, these rooms special attention. For example, a room for just married couples should have fair play of light from dim to glowing. The colors should be romantic and matching the flavors of both partners. Furniture should be made compatible to the taste of both, where they have options to share and hide, both. While kids’ room has to be personification of fun and happiness, playful colors and swings can be places in to give it a mini playhouse look.

Themed rooms have gained a lot of popularity; people have been demanding for a room to just de-stress. A room which can be an escape from all mundane stuffs of life with forest theme, an artificial waterfall flowing. Imagine the level of serenity you experience when amid so much greenery and the rippling sound of water lullabies you to sleep.

Floor should also have proper attention. The ground you step on has to have great appeal. Let us peep into your workplace which is mostly rusted with files and scraps you bring home from work can also have a special treat with well stacked furniture and uncluttered finish.

Windows, they have been serving your home since long, letting in air, sunlight and ummm.. mosquitoes. Jokes apart, it is time to give them innovative touch, too. Front door speaks a lot about the owner of the house. Let them swing open in new fashion to let your guests be amazed and make your chest puff with pride.

Yes, these changes come with a price tag but remember the best things in your life are not free. Some cost emotion while others money. Pay a price that suits your budget and makes your home, a happy home. Call your interior designer now to get a proper quote and this festive season gift your home with a new look.

Home isn’t a place, its a feeling

HOME-it’s not just a word but a sentiment, an abode of love which makes one feel safe and happy. A safe clean house, with well lit and well decorated home leaves guests spell bounded and also adds positivity in your life.
Feng Shui and Vastu Shashtra have advocated that the interiors of a house are related to good luck and health. Most architectural beauties had wonderful interiors with detailed carvings, glasswork and classic designs. There have been proves of home decoration found in the excavation of Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa.
Each one of us has visualized their dream homes- how they would look like, the colors, the decorations and an endless list of things to accessorize their home sweet home. Some prefer a smooth modern design with smart multipurpose furniture, and some would prefer to stay traditional with sleek colors and time tested means to accentuate their house.
This blog intends to inspire your senses to build something new and explore new ways to enhance the interiors of your residence. We found the main areas of your house and have brought in few ideas to instill new energy into them.
Living Room: This is the area you enjoy the most of your memorable time, from your family get together to a Soccer World Cup with friends. A welcoming living room with soft fabricated sofa and walls decorated with memories of past captured in frames. Creative lighting add extra flavor into the entire look. Kitchen is

Dining Hall: As goes the saying, ‘A family that eats together, stays together’, and dining hall is the centre of most family activities, a general family discussion to a fun trip plan over food. This area allows you to experiment more with the magic of wood and glass creating the dining experience super chic.
Bathroom: It is the place that allows you to be you… Bathroom should be designed to appeal your senses and relax you. Neutral color with funky light shades and designer bathroom accessories and sanitary ware would make your soak into leisure. A vintage feel can be added if you enjoy the traditional flashes.
Kitchen: A kitchen with wide color play makes cooking more of fun, less of work. Tiles with the cool pattern can be used to deck up your kitchen and make it stylish and elegant. Uncompromised multifunctional space, with modern kitchen appliances, transforms cooking into a distinctive art.
Balcony: Every apartment these days suffers from space crunch but balcony is one area which, if configured well can turn into a great open space for entertainment. This can be used for your gardening hobby, too. Adding a cane swing to it can actually make it a place to relax and read.
Bedroom: One of the prime things to be kept in mind while planning bedroom design is it should be comfortable and cozy. Warm colors and personalized style add amazing standard to a normal bedroom, too. Open and airy bedrooms with amazing windows that let in air and sun can be accessorized by beautiful curtains.
Nobody works like a professional to give wings to your ideas and convert them into reality. Find an expert Interior designer team and seek their help. They can assist you to let your dream home look just like it is in your thought. So, what are you waiting for, dial the number and give your home a new makeover now.