Use your Creativity to Decorate your Home Interior

We all love our home and why won’t we love it? After all it is a temple, we worship to live in the finest of environments derivative of ecstatic surroundings. We all want to revamp our abode in some way or the other and fantasize to decorate in a particular kind! But, unfortunately most of our imagination never turn to creativity and remain inside our brick walled thought forever! But, now you don’t have to run low and imagine to decorate your abode in a furnishing way as reality is in your hands and believe me, you can do it well, neat well!

I often get queries through mail where many ask me as how they can decorate their home interiors? I answer as I should, but sometimes I wonder can there be any better way than to give a reality touch to what you have imagined it to be? I believe, no artist, no creativity can turn out to be best than what you have perceived I to be. So, here is what I want to tell all of you, get going, don’t fear, trust your abilities and believe in yourself.

Choose Carefully- Your Kitchens Demand Different Treatment

Kitchen should be both ethnic and rich in customary design. There are reasons why your kitchen should be well planned. The most important ones are discussed below:
1. Your kitchen stands a close chance of getting flamed if proper ventilation and chimney arrangements are not done accordingly.
2. Make sure you don’t decorate the shelves with wood and apply proper materials that are inflammable.
3. Chimneys must be well placed so that it prevents you from suffocation.
4. Make sure you keep your stove near window for letting off the gas pass through with ease.
5. Make sure you don’t keep the gas cylinders touching the ground. It should be kept a little elevated from earth.

Kitchen interior is a very important aspect of interior designing industry. People who trade in this business know it very well and therefore indulge in taking extra precautions while designing different aspects of kitchen.
There is a slight difference between decorating your bedroom and kitchen. From colour shades to selecting materials for making the shelves and other accessories, everything differs. It is a difficult task in deed because both safety and design aspect needs to be taken into close account.

For those who are planning to decorate their kitchen soon, should try to focus on issues that come top in priorities. For example, if you are in search for an interior decorator, it is advisable to select those who have an experience in the concerned domain. There are many able interior designing companies operating in market, so you don’t need to panic but search cautiously in selecting those who meet your requirements.

Try Experimenting with Shades for Different Rooms

Shades speak different stories and have an eclectic response to what we presume! For those who are not very aware of the modern art must never take wrong turns and go in for mixing your walls with abstract art. Abstract art is the most difficult form and it really needs creative sense to do it in order. Instead, you may choose to go for fine colour mixing. Things would be best if you choose to experiment with Teflon protectors. Remember, to consider shades that match your taste and preference. For example, if you are planning to give a new dimension to your bedroom it is always better to consider pink with white as this would essence your room with the ambiance of romanticism.

However some other best combined colours for bedroom are blue and white and light green with ivory. Similarly, for drawing rooms, I would advise you to go with cream yellow. This would reflect positive energy of Nature back to you and your living area. Kitchens should always be in light yellow or cyan. Never consider using a dark colour like black or maroon to colour your kitchen. A perfect colour combination can work wonders for you as it reflects in your mental state and daily lives. I would always go with white, if I am asked about choosing the colour for my kid’s study room. White reflects peace and helps you to concentrate.