Important Guidelines for Choosing the Interior Decorators

Hi! Hope you all are doing well! This is my third session that I am penning down after receiving various queries from your end. Friends! Don’t worry and most importantly please don’t panic if you are not finding a good interior decorator for your residence. There are many roads that you may trade to but remember to aisle the best and most convenient one. Wallace Stevens once told that there are 13 ways of looking at a black bird. He was wrong. There are as many ways as you perceive it to be. Similarly it is with your home decorators.

Go and get it done. Hesitation kills your dream. Nothing can be clearer than this. If you chose a company that hit around the bush instead of speaking out in clear tone about their expertise, be sure that you have not chosen the correct one and when everything goes wrong don’t blame your destiny but yourself as you have chosen the wrong one. This is why I suggest you every time to go and get it done from the company you chose. It may happen that you have fallen to their pit of fooling people with their website claiming to be the best in business.

Relax! Don’t worry! It is normal as you are not an expert but make sure you scribe them well and get your requirements fulfilled. Choose companies that work as per your instructions and never ever hesitate to abort a deal in case you find that they are not working on your terms.

Sit and Meet. Sit with them and tell them about what you want, your plan and wish. Ask them about how convenient is to get your imagination turn into reality! Ask for showing some of their work and if possible go for reference. Consulting more than one is always advisable as this would help you differentiate about the quality and budget.

Fix Budget. Fix the budget before they start with your work. Make your interior decorators for residence clear about your limitations and always keep a close check on the materials used. If necessary maintain separate accounts yourself.

Tips for Choosing the Best Interior Decorator for Residence

Are you worried of late because you are going through a tough time in finding the best interior decorator for your residence? We understand your concern and therefore to solve your crisis, we would deal with the key features that might help you to choose the best one for decorating your dream home. Today, only if we consider Kolkata, there has been a steep rise in the number of interior decorators who operate to design and re design your abode. But, you just can’t be casual in approach and contact anyone. There are certain things you want it to go right and why not, after all the circumstance demands close look!

Interior decorators are highly creative persons who value for creativity. Don’t get lured by what they proclaim. You might have come across many such companies that demand to be the best in market. You ask them why? They just can’t convince you with answers. Most of them as a matter of fact come forward with some bizarre testimonials from satisfied clients, which in reality happens to be concocted and self written by them. So, what is the way out? How can you effectively get to choose the best out from cluster? Well, there are certain parameters and we hope you find this well.

Parameter 1: Don’t get lured. This is what that comes primarily underweighting other criteria. In today’s market scenario, we get lured to products that come for less capital. This traps you into the pit from where you are bound to suffer and trust me, things would turn hard. No good things come cheap because labour and materials cost. Can you afford to give away anything for social service without thinking of your profit? Certainly you can’t! When you can’t then how come they? This is quite obvious that they are craving for making money and not for benefiting you and society as a whole. It’s good to bargain but it’s better to check who you are talking to!

Parameter 2: Interior decorators for residence are not always what they claim to be! Be cautious. You must have been through a lot of websites of people who claim to be the most successful interior decorators of your city or may be the country and this attracts you. You really take their words seriously and begin to believe in what they have put in their website! Hold it for once! Ask yourself about the credibility of such boasts? I am sure, if you devote a little time to it, you can easily make out between the best and the average ones.

Parameter 3: Thoroughly research. This is the most important part that you should follow. Internet gives you access to the widest source of availability. Get the best benefit of it. Type in your requirements, go through various websites and note down the best one that seems fit for your requisite.

Parameter 4: Ask questions and meet your queries. You will be paying to them, so make no stones unturned and tell them your requirements. Ask from them about their credentials and recheck it. If necessary call them regularly and keep an update on the work.

We hope that this article would help you in choosing the best interior decorator for your residence. All the best!

Be Smart in Choosing the Interior Decorator for Residence

A house becomes home with your love and affection. It is your care and sweat that adds life to it and when it comes to building your abode, you just can’t afford to settle for anything but the best. We understand your concern and therefore in this essay would suggest you to proceed forward with the concerns and seek to provide answers so that you get to build the home of your dreams.

Most of the queries we get deals about the land. It is one of the most crucial aspects you should never take lightly. The priority for building a dream abode starts with the choosing of plot. Be smart and carefully settle the deal. Remember, to take a note how far your plot located from the transit points of the city is. It is unnecessary and most stupid to buy land located interior to the connective points from your living area. Thus, be logical and take the most careful note to choose the best plot for yourself.

After you are done with it, it is quite obvious you would proceed to build your dream house. But, wait for a minute! Have you done a plan of it? Did you consult an architect? If you have not done these, it is advised to get it done. They are the experts and trained professionals and for obvious reasons they can suggest you best as how to build a house as per your wish in a given area. Let the experts take care of their domain. Don’t uselessly skip the step and plan yourself.

If you are concerned with the interiors, hold on for a minute as your concern is all set to fly. There are many interior designing companies operating in India, who provide with the best and complete interior designing services from scratch to finish. The only thing you need to do is choose them from clusters. The process is not that hard either. Check the internet and choose the ones that woo you with their work. If necessary call them, ask them to meet with you and sit for explaining them your requirements. Asking for demo is also not a bad idea either. Do it smart and make sure you choose the best interior decorator for residence.

All the best!

Interior Designing Companies in India Serve to Meet your Desire

The interior designing companies in Kolkata are the most popular in India laying its expertise in every domain of concerned forte. The companies were established with a motive to serve the designing quest of the people. From its advent the companies were able to make its mark felt amidst the highly competitive open market. The firms operating have now become a close associate of thousands of creative people spread across the country.


The interior designing companies in Kolkata are guided by strong ethical standards. It is the customer satisfaction that matters them the most. They are pledged in providing versatile interior designing services at reasonable cost. It is the companies’ guarantee on quality that has made the profession soar high the charts in both trust and efficiency.

Services Offered:

The companies operating have the best known creative designers whose creative uniqueness adds the required variety in feathering your dream house.

The services include:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Corporate Room
  • Kids Room
  • Conference Room
  • Study Room
  • Dining Room
  • Showroom
  • TV Cabinet
  • Office Accessories
  • Sofas
  • Cupboards
  • Side Tables
  • Computer Furniture
  • Study Centers
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Dining Tables
  • False Celling
  • Dining Chairs
  • Food Court
  • Discotheque

Autobiography of an Interior Designing Company

Like every kid, my childhood has been so special! I remember my father working hard to raise me up and provide me with trendy decorations so that I look good and in long run become successful in catering a positive impression upon millions. Seven years passed in a brisk and I behold every moment and instances of my life. Hello! My name is Kre8iveinterior and I am seven years old!

I am just like you all, who have caring parents, a good and humble family and true friends! I consider myself fortunate who grew up amidst people who are creative and have a keen sense of artistic productivity. I wondered since my childhood, how efficiently, my father created and designed plethora of interiors? He is a man of paradoxical creativity and sheer talent. Whatever I am today- my look, my presence, and my design- all the credit goes to him.

In my life, I have made manifold friends and I owe them a lot. It was once when I was still a kid and pondered to help my dad get a job- I met him over internet. It was he who found me and contacted my dad. My happiness seemed no bond and I hold the moment too close to my heart. I still remember, when he said that my look is a real class and my dad’s eyes sprinkled with joy and pride. Ah! I have made him proud! At last, his bet on me to prosper paid well. I was over the moon then!

As an interior designing company in Kolkata, I am an established name now. But, whatever I have been today, it’s the effort of my father that paid. With deep regard and humble heart, I thank him for all the hard work he did for making me an established name in market.

Biography of an Interior Designer

I remember my childhood when, I used to think how people can fit into shady crumbs like that? I used to look at those structures hanging from buildings that dominated the central Kolkata! Golden were those days, I must say! Not because I was a child but because the ideas that peeped my minds have now been turned into reality. I am a proud interior designer who loves working on revamping existing and old stuffs turn new. It has been almost 3 years; I have been into this field and must admit that I have loved every bit of my profession.

Ethnicity is all in you. It is something that is possessed. There are certain things that God gifts us with birth and certain things that need to be developed. Sheer taste and urge for excellence falls into the second category. I still remember, my first day in profession, where I was asked to design a wall that reflects blended cross cultural emblem. Utter confused, I set for work, not knowing whether my creativity would match the requisite. Yes, I took long 5 hours to design it but at the end, it came out beautifully. I still hold the design close to my heart. It was just the start and since then, I have never looked back.

Back in 2012, I read an article where people wanted to know about how they can revamp their interiors. Amazed and taken back, I wondered do really people rely so much on interior designers for giving a relook to their homes and offices? The idea to start my individual business (an interior designing company in Kolkata) emerged from that initiative. There have been many bumps and jumps, but I held myself steady and worked on to learn with the forthcoming endeavors.

This blog is dedicated to those entire people, who owe a bow from me. I would not have been a successful businessman without their faith and idea. I want to thank the man who asked a simple question on a magazine. His query gave me the courage to believe that I can strive in this industry. Thank you all!

Tips for Choosing the Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

If you are crazy about designing your room with fine touches of intricate interior design, you should consider certain parameters. It is quite obvious for you to get perplexed amidst companies that demand to stand apart from others due to its creative substances. Now, the question is how true are they in their claim to be the best? Visiting websites and reading testimonials never suffice your concern. For this, there should be certain parameters that incline your decision making ability. In this blog we would discuss on the parameters that you must look out for selecting the interior design company for revamping your house or office interiors.

Tips for choosing the best Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Choosing the best interior designing company out of clusters is not an easy task. You simply can’t always rely on their websites and testimonials that speak high about their services. The irony is that most of the companies put concocted testimonials on their website. This is a grave offence but as there is a saying that everything is fair in love, war and business. This is where you need to take concern and initiate ways for choosing the best out of the fakes.

  • Ask for demo– When you are a client, it is your right to ask for demonstration. Talk to them, be specific and if necessary ask them to take you to any place where they have been in work. Don’t hesitate to strike them off at once, if they fail to stand on your requirements. After all, it is your money and you should value every penny of it.
  • Look for plans: Your office or home would be architected as per your requirements. There lies no second thought to it. But, don’t get misjudged with companies who work on your instructions without preparing a blue print of articulate plan. Ask, them, if they have proper architects so that you remain assured of the outcome.
  • Talk about budget: This is where you should always remain agile and strict. Keep a constant and careful check on the materials used and maintain accounts yourself for avoiding any discrepancies.